Pumpkins inspired by foil printing

We have had a blast using hot foil stamping on several projects this season, allowing us to add an extra pop of metallic to any stationery suite. It’s that perfect pop of glam! Like we mentioned on Wednesday, we’re completely in love with these shimmery colors… and so we wanted to do a festive DIY in the office to unleash some creativity. Paint brushes in hand, we mixed up some copper and gold paint and went to town on these little white pumpkins.


Truth be told, painting these little white pumpkins was harder than I thought! Yes, that’s my inner-perfectionist speaking… but it was fun none the less. We just couldn’t resist pulling together some letterpress suites and a copper plate (used for foil printing) that we had laying around the office.


We were SO excited to design & print an all gold foil suite for a September wedding, shown below. Unfortunately our humble little photos do not do justice for this glamorous suite but we’ll be sure to share the professional photos when we get them back!


Have a lovely weekend, friends!

A sequin dipped wedding gown

We simply can’t get enough of incorporating metallics into a wedding palette! What’s more romantic than bronze, gold, silver or rose gold elements bouncing off of candle light?! We recently spotted these ethereal & oh-so elegant gowns from Truvelle and are absolutely obsessed with the shimmer factor of both of these styles. Talk about turning heads when you walk down the aisle!!! AND our excitement doesn’t stop there… many of their designs have backs that are just as beautiful as the fronts! What do you think? Would you don a dress that has colored embellishments?


Paper Moss holiday cards are here!

If you saw our post on Friday, you know that we’ve been designing our 2014 Holiday Cards for the last month or so. We’re truly more excited than EVER before to show you what we have up our sleeves- think hand lettering, mixed fonts, fun patterns, deer silhouettes…! For those of you who are planning ahead, please note that for a limited time we are giving away custom postage designs to match your holiday cards!! Check it out and email us ASAP to to get the ball rolling!

2014PM holiday cards

Font love Friday!

We have been working our butts off on holiday cards lately and in the process, we’ve stumbled across some killer new fonts. My particular favorite is the oh-so stylish Elsie, but it’s hard not to be intrigued by South Rose that has characteristics of stained glass.:)Which is your favorite?

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

Will you be my Bridesmaid?

That question. I’m sure we’ve all been asked that a time or two (or nine)… and if not, it’s just a matter of time before it happens.:)When the tables turn and it comes to doing the asking of that special question, we think that passing along a pretty card with a sweet handwritten note is a must. Now, whether you accompany it with a little “bridesmaid survival pack”, mini bottle of champagne or some other creative idea, well, that’s up to you! Thankfully there are some super cute bridal party specific cards popping up these days! Here are 5 of our absolute favorite cards to help get your wheels turning…

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